Electronic Bill Questions?

How do I sign up for Electronic Billing?

Signing up is easy. Just view one of your policies and click on the "Click here to go paperless icon" in the billing section. Not all policies/accounts are available for Electronic Billing.

Can I make all my accounts paperless?

Some accounts are not yet eligible to be paperless. If you have accounts that don't appear on the Paperless Documents enrollment page, then those accounts are not eligible.

What do "Paperless Notices" include?

Currently, the only notices that can be paperless are current billing statement for Property and Automobile policies. If you have an account that is not listed as an eBill account, then you will continue to receive your billing statement via U.S. Mail.

What happens to my paper statements and notices?

You will no longer receive paper statements for billing statements for the account(s) registered as eBill. Your billing statement will be available online in exactly the same format you would see it in the mail. Also, depending on the account, any special offers or other information that might accompany your paper statement will be available as a link on your Statements page next to your statement.

How will I know when my statement or important notice is available for viewing online?

We'll send you an e-mail as soon as your billing statement is available; simply log on to msfbins.com to view your paperless statement.

Are Paperless Documents and Notices secure?

Yes. You'll need to log on to your account to see your statements and notices, and we'll never e-mail them to you directly

Is there a cost, or a catch?

No. We offer Paperless Documents and Notices for free, and you can switch back to paper statements anytime

I selected Paperless Documents and Notices but still got paper in the mail. Why?

You may get a statement in the mail while we process your request. You also may want to confirm that you've chosen "Paperless" for your accounts.

How do I view my statements and notices online?

To see your Paperless Documents, you must have software to help you view and print PDFs. If you have trouble downloading our files, please install or upgrade your software. Some companies, like Adobe(R), offer this software for free. Visit www.Adobe.com for more information.

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